Rugged Power for Specialist Applications

Designed to tackle specialist agricultural tasks with configurations and narrow width options suited to vineyard, orchard and municipal applications.

Three  versions are offered, each tailored to working in specific crops:

Vineyard (V) – from 1.0m width, strategically designed to work in traditional narrow vineyards, with 1.8m – 2.0m spacings between the vines.

Special (S) – from 1.3m width, built for more open vineyards, with 2.0m to 2.2m row spacings. Features a much larger cab and enhanced operator comfort.

Fruit (F) – widths from 1.5m, to suit more extensive vineyards and fruit orchards. This is a substantial tractor with a wider front axle and the most spacious, user-friendly cab in its class. (This model can be set up specifically for use on steep slopes, with a lower centre of gravity and low building access).