Welcome to the ‘S effect’ from Massey Ferguson

The moment you look at the MF 6700 S, you have this ‘dejà-vu’ feeling you get with each X700 Series Generation from Massey Ferguson — except for the product number decal, the design is pretty much similar, and nothing looks changed.

But that’s where most of the farmers operating the MF 6700 S after an MF 6600 would be wrong. Nothing is changed design-wise — or at least the modifications aren’t perceptible to the naked eye — yet everything is different.


  • 200 hp – the most powerful four cylinder agricultural tractor in the world.
  • The agility of a small tractor with the top performances of a bigger one.
  • The tightest turning circle for a 200hp agricultural tractor – manoeuvrability and agility.
  • Heavy duty field work or loader operations – in a new class of its own.
  • Available with a choice of transmissions for a wide range of applications : Dyna-4, Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT.
  • The MF 6700 S can be specified with Essential, Efficient or Exclusive specification levels to perfectly suit your requirements.
  • Exceptional power-to-weight ratio means exceptional performance, economy and high versatility: Perfect for dairy units, mixed farms, vegetables and arable enterprises and contracting businesses.


An increasing number of farmers seeking tractors in the 120 to 200hp bracket are realising the benefit of a 4 cylinder tractor. A lighter footprint, better manoeuvrability and extra payload possibilities are just some of the ways in which, for some operators, a 4 cylinder machine can make more sense than a 6 cylinder tractor in this bracket.

The MF 6700 S blends all the benefits of a 4 cylinder machine – compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvrability – with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable 6 cylinder tractor.

The result is a tractor that combines concentrated energy and power density, suiting perfectly the needs of those seeking a machine with compact dimensions, yet with the carrying and power capacity at each end to lift and drive the very latest implements.

Design & Manufacturing

Anyone who buys a Massey Ferguson tractor today will expect it to fulfill the latest operational and environmental standards. They will expect it to combine the very best of today’s technologies with comfort, simplicity, reliability, quality and best farming experience. The MF 6700 S series is designed and built at AGCO’s manufacturing facility at Beauvais, France, winner of France’s prestigious

Factory of the Year 2016 award, organised by L’Usine Nouvelle, the leading industrial magazine in France.

The Beauvais site designs and manufactures Massey Ferguson tractors from 75-400hp and is France’s largest producer and exporter of farm machinery.